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You have landed on this page because you were looking for Battle Creek SEO (search engine optimization), Lead Generation, or Digital Marketing in the Battle Creek, Michigan area. We are a top ranked leader in delivering results when your business requires Search Engine Marketing to get them to that top spot.

While the terminology of the internet may be confusing, the fact of the matter is, if you are not on page one of Google search results, you do not exist to most customers in the age of the internet according to Forbes. The statistics show the importance of your placement, and more importantly why you should be long tail investing in SEO, if you are trying to grow your business and attract new customers. 


Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, it is critical that your website and brand is built for longevity to weather the storms. We keep up-to-date on Google’s modifications to ensure our long tail SEO approach stays current and keeps you top ranked with the best chance to attract new customers! 

Overview of the SEO Process

At BlazingBronco we  start our SEO campaigns by explaining to prospective clients what SEO (search engine optimization) actually is and why it matters to your business. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality of the user experience and quantity of website traffic. This is done by increasing the visibility of a website to potential customers via  search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. 

SEO refers to the improvement of “Organic” or unpaid search engine results. These exclude any kind of paid placements and direct traffic/visitors.

If your website is not optimized, 79% of visitors will leave and search again (i.e. bounce).

On-Page SEO

Most clients online marketing strategy will begin with On-Page SEO. The objective is to make your company’s website relevant to the search query.

This is done by optimizing visual & text content for user experience. Any on-site issues are addressed that can impact your score and rankings.

Some of those may include; image compression, fixing technical or source code issues that may effect page speeds. Lastly, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in their results so we make sure your website is meeting the current standards.

Off-Page SEO

If you are looking to beat out your competitions, you need to understand how Off-Page SEO works. Think of it as a popularity contest.

Off-Site SEO takes into account factors such as social media shares, the number of high ranking quality links, and authority websites. In a nutshell, you are ‘building trust’.

The search engines and their algorithm are all about ‘user experience’. Part of that is about giving the most trusted and useful websites the top first page rankings.

Content Marketing

Keeping in mind that SEO and rankings are all about ‘user experience’, this is where content marketing helps building that trust as an authority website for your industry.

This can include articles on most commonly asked questions or changes that effect a potential customer. In short, what would YOUR customer find useful, and provide it.

A blog is not just a blog with your thoughts on life. Anything online should be well thought out with word count, anchor text that include keywords you are targeting to rank for, and things that are building authority with your brand. All of these factors play into where your website will ultimately rank. Having a good content strategy helps in the long term success of your sales funnel. 

Web Development

Are you building your kingdom on a foundation of sand? Ultimately, that is how you should think of your website. Everything online runs through it, or should. Branded email, ad campaigns, information about your services, reviews and even scheduling an appointment. 

Your website is the FACE of your company to most potential customers who’s search begins on their phone. Web development is about building a solid foundation with a user friendly, mobile ready, website. The website is just as important as the words on the page. Your site should be easy to navigate with content a potential customer would want to see.  Proper SEO structure in your website design will allow search engines to  index your content into their database, and rank your site for specific targeted keywords.

When it comes to explaining SEO strategy to a potential client, I try to explain it  at a macro level. 

Think of it this way, SEO is about having Google understand who and what you are in Battle Creek (or whatever city you are in). Why would Google believe you are the best option in the area for that something? It is critical to establish WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHERE your business is located. This can be done both through your website in combination with  Google My Business. By doing these basic things, Google knows YOU exist, what type of services you provide and are highly relevant for anyone in Battle Creek doing a search for that particular product.

If you think of search engine optimization in that frame of mind, it becomes more clear as to why long tail SEO is important to your business and bottom line keeping your sales funnel consistent. You also start to understand why those on the top are not there simply by luck. It is a combination of investing in their website content, and user experience that games the math problem (algorithm) or internet popularity contest if you will. They are then rewarded with the lion share of potential new business. 

If you are interested in seeing where you rank with a free website audit compared to the ‘top dog’ and developing a strategy towards a more consistent sales funnel, feel free to contact us for a free strategy session. We can pull the reports on all of your competitors, their advertising, back links, and how you can use that to your own advantage!

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