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Establishing Your Company’s Online Presence Starts with On-Site SEO

I’m sure a lot of business owners have heard of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, if you have had a website one way or the other, but what does that mean to you? In layman’s terms, it is the primary way of getting your site ranked on various search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. But why do you care? What’s the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) for your business’s bottom line? Forbes explains, “The Value of Search Result Rankings” and what it means to your business and brand in the online world we live.

One of the reasons you are not getting enough viewers on your website is because you are poorly ranked. When you are listed on the first page on Google, then you are good to go. When it comes to driving traffic to your site, SEO is the first thing you must consider. However, there is so much about SEO you don’t know. It can be divided into two different categories which include On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO, as the name implies, refers to everything you’ll be doing on the website to ensure that your webpage is adequately ranked on search engines. This includes meta descriptions, meta tags, and so on. The primary purpose of an on-page SEO is to ensure that viewers correctly understand the meaning of your website pages and build your brand’s page authority. It has a lot to do with the content and structure of your webpages.

Off-page SEO, on the other hand, is like the opposite of the former. It refers to every single thing you’ll be doing outside the website that will make sure your site is properly ranked on search engines. Some of these things include blog outreach, social media networking, link building, and so on. The primary purpose of off-page SEO is to promote your website and create enough awareness to the public beyond the boundaries of your website. It is more about the various signals you can provide to Search Engines to make them believe that your site is useful to the public.

So when we say there is a lot to driving traffic to your site, you should believe us. We’ll look at the various components of an On-Page SEO, what it entails, and how to go about it. Let’s dive in!

However, before we reveal to you how we can help you banish low website views and traffic forever, let’s quickly go through the components of SEO. This will update your knowledge of SEO best practices.

We have divided them into ten which includes:

  • Quality of Content
  • Title of the page
  • Meta descriptions
  • Internal linking 
  • External linking
  • Keyword density
  • Body tags
  • Image SEO
  • Meta tags
  • URL Structure


  • Quality of Content


This is the first thing that must be considered to ensure proper on-page SEO. You must know that a website with poor content cannot thrive even with a well-detailed search engine optimization. You have to be careful of what you post on your site. 

What do we mean by quality content?

Your content must be useful and engaging. If it’s not helpful to me, then why should I go there? That’s a simple truth. Your content must be able to solve problems. It must prove useful to the public- students, adults, teachers, pregnant women, depending on your target audience.

Your content must be original. This is very important. If what you offer is the same as what another site offers, then that content loses its value. It must be authentic and unique. Even if the outcome is the same, it must be presented uniquely.

Your content must be well-researched. If you keep serving the public with fallacy or false information, your website will prove useless to society. 

Your content must be long, detailed, and informational. Great articles get higher ranks than short essays. Also, ensure that your materials are textual even if what you offer is not. For instance, you offer images or videos on your website. Make sure you include texts in the form of descriptions or captions. This will help improve the quality of your content.

Now if you’re looking for the best Kalamazoo SEO agency, you’re in the right place. We know local SEO like the back of our palms so you can be sure of getting a great result.


  • Title of the Page


Your page title is a beneficial and essential component when it comes to on-page SEO. It helps viewers get a foresight of your content. If your page title is not helpful or attractive enough to the viewer, he may not even check out the content. Your page title is part of the things the search engines look at to rank your site on their network. Every part of your website, which includes your pages and contents, should be optimized with some keywords. It looks easy to do, but it takes an experienced professional to handle this aspect properly. What you need is the best Kalamazoo local SEO expert to put your website on the first page of search engine results.


  • Meta Descriptions


Let’s assume I am looking for a blogpost on Google that I can learn how to prepare a meal. I typed “how to cook XXX recipe.” The page descriptions that appear under the title are the meta descriptions. They are usually very short, about 160 characters. It gives you an idea of what the post covers. It is what viewers read before choosing the site they will click. I can say meta descriptions are as crucial as the content itself.


  • Internal Linking


When someone visits your page and gets what he wants, he leaves. Internal linking is a way of making viewers spend more time on your page. Internal linking entails providing links on one webpage to other webpages on your website. For instance, I have content on one of my pages, and a viewer visits that particular page. I can provide links on that page in the form of hyperlinks. This will refer him to another page on my website he’ll find useful. It’s a win-win situation. He gets to gain more insight, and I get more traffic. 


  • External Linking


This is like the other part of the former- internal linking. Most people disagree with this method of optimization. I say this is a remarkable component of SEO that shouldn’t be left out. External linking involves you providing links to other relevant websites. This will improve the uniqueness of your website. However, you must be careful while using external links. It takes a professional with the right experience to handle this particular aspect. This is where we come in! 


  • Keyword Density


Keywords mean a ton in Search Engine Optimization. This is a way of including in your content what people search for in search engines. For instance, I want to write about the latest movies. I would have researched the exact way people search for that movie on Google. That’s what we call keywords. What I would do is include that particular keyword in my content. This will help rank my website. However, you have to be careful about the density of the keywords in your content. Only an expert would know the right amount of times a particular keyword must appear in content to avoid being banned on Google. 


  • Body Tags


Your content must be organized under various headings and subheadings. This is very important. Content that is well-arranged with titles is easy to read and understand. This will attract more viewers to your content and indirectly to your website. Keywords-included headings and subheadings help content rank better than ordinary titles. When a viewer types on a search engine that particular keyword, it will lead them to your site.


  • Image SEO


How do you feel when you read contents with images and materials without representations? Illustrations help the content more appealing and understanding. Make sure you include relevant pictures in your content. Also, ensure you add some text captions to serve as titles. This can also lead viewers to your website. Sometimes I visit search engines to check for images, and I end up reading something from some random blog, that’s image SEO.


  • Meta Tags


This helps you input all the information about your page into an HTML format. 


  • URL Structure


The way your URL is structured also matters a lot. Ensure you include URLs that are search engine friendly. Make use of short URLs. Shorter URLs rank higher than longer ones. Also, ensure your URLs consist of useful keywords. 

How Can We Help?

A local SEO campaign has many different technical sides. Although each is different, they all have the same goal. Technical SEO is all about making sure Google can crawl your website. Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the world. It crawls millions of websites every single day. To get Google’s attention, your website needs to be search engine friendly. To do so, the following needs to be done: 

  • Web Page optimization (regular refresh of old content) 
  • Local Search Optimization 
  • Title, Meta and other tags creation

Almost all of the Kalamazoo SEO packages we offer, cover all aspects of on-page search engine optimization. We perform extensive technical SEO services for all our local SEO campaign clients.

What’s more?

  • We offer quality services which include the following:
  • An extensive and complete SEO plan
  • Blog management and maintenance
  • Web Pages and Content Writing (7 pages, 350 words/page)
  • Title Tags Optimization (20 titles)
  • Meta Description Optimization (20 meta descriptions)
  • Meta Keywords Optimization (20 meta keywords)
  • Domain Redirect Optimization
  • .xml Sitemap Optimization
  • Robots.txt Check
  • URL Rewrites (20 URL rewrites)
  • Broken Link Reports
  • Installation and Inspection of Google Analytics
  • Installation and Inspection of Google Search Console

So are you ready to get the number one digital marketing agency in Kalamazoo working on your SEO? We offer free consultation and proven results. Contact us now and let us handle the technical side of your SEO campaign. 

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