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Search engine optimization can be thought of as a complex, multi-piece puzzle. And while some of those pieces are optimizing the content on your website, it is also important to make sure that content is accessed off-site. Your website’s online authority can be boosted by making sure your content is on other places on the web. These include other websites, guest blogging sites, social media pages, and online publications.

Your website can enjoy multiple benefits from a strategic off-page SEO campaign. While time consuming and lacking instant return, off-page SEO pays off quite good in the long run. Back links serve the purpose of increasing the credibility of your site online. In all of our Kalamazoo SEO campaigns, we make sure to create an extensive back link portfolio for our customers. Here are a few ways we go about acquiring back links to boost your business:

Guest Blogging: A lot of websites let you post content such as guest blogs on their pages. Not only does it help you in establishing yourself as an expert on the topic, but also gives your online reputation a boost.

Using Press & Media: News and Media outlets might want to cover your business. Every time you’re mentioned on an online news source, it is a big plus because Google trusts these websites and the news they mention. It increases your credibility in the online marketplace.

Social Media: Everyone and their pet is on social media today. A social media account is as important as anything for an online business. The reason? For Google, social media is a direct ranking indicator for any website. For optimum Social Media Marketing in Kalamazoo, we use RSS Feed to keep your social media updated.

To successfully carry out an effective SEO campaign, off-page SEO optimization is of the utmost importance. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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