PPC (Pay Per Clicks) Ads


PPC (Pay Per Clicks) Ads


If you want to get targeted customers straight to your website, it’s very simple. Small businesses can easily get the visitors and customers they want by simply paying for the traffic. Google offers a dedicated service for this called Google PPC (pay per click). Google PPC lets you bid on keywords that you want to target your customers with. What sets Google PPC apart is that you can get your customers even if your SEO strategy hasn’t begun yet, or you have a lot of competition on your target keywords. With Google PPC, you can get specific clients by only paying a small fee per keyword.

Let’s suppose you’re a Locksmith in Kalamazoo, and someone looking for one types in “locksmiths in Kalamazoo”. If you have enabled Google PPC, your company would appear at the top of the results page as a sponsored ad and the customer will click on your link and get directed to your website.

This may seem easy, but it is an elegant process that requires expertise to manage so that you pay as low an amount as possible for the most results. This is why you should hire us, the top Kalamazoo marketing agency to manage your Google PPC campaigns.


  • Complete Transparency
  • Lowest Prices
  • Monthly Performance Reports 
  • Complete Campaign Optimization 
  • Complete In-House Service – Zero Outsourcing
  • No Contracts
  • Custom Monthly Budget 
  • Google LSA
  • Custom Landing Pages 
  • Monthly Customer Support 


Our team uses expert tools to look for the keywords that customers are most likely to search for. This is an extensive process that includes ranking keywords based on popularity and using Google tools to make a list of the keywords you need. Once the list is generated, we begin the bidding process to start getting impressions and clicks.


We make sure you don’t waste your valuable money on impressions that don’t matter. This can happen when your ad matches to keywords that are not relevant to your business. We make sure all Negative match keywords are filtered out so that they don’t pop up and waste your time and money needlessly.


Your PPC campaign cannot work without custom made landing pages designed to convert clients. We make sure that you have beautiful landing pages that portray your brand and services in the most eye catching manner possible. This is why you need us: the top digital marketing agency in Kalamazoo that can handle it all. 

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