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You have gotten a website for your business, that’s good. Your website is adequately equipped with the right information about the services you’re offering and is also well-designed, that’s great!

What’s next? 

Most times, the next action will be how to drive traffic to your website, then how to convert your website guest to customers. The fact is, if no one clicks your site’s link, the entire work you’ve put into it goes down the drain. A business without consistent clients or customer is not a very good one. That’s why marketing is essential. 

If by chance you find yourself on this page, you’re a lucky person because right now you’re about to discover one of the most effective online marketing strategies ever. We’re revealing this secret because we are passionate about helping business owners accelerate their business growth without stress. Also, we would like to help you join the “highly-successful business owners” league. 

In case you’re asking yourself, how qualified are we to make this confident claim. Well, reports from hundreds of our happy and successful clients confirmed that we’re the best digital marketing agency in Kalamazoo. We’ve helped several clients achieve their business goals and experience great transformation in their business almost overnight by leveraging local SEO, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and website design best practices.

Are you ready to discover the secret? Well, you’re one decision away.

Keep reading!

Experience Explosive Transformation In Your Business With Pay Per Click 

PPC means Pay Per Click. It is a means of advertising and marketing your business website online. It is done by strategically placing ads in specific places on the internet. Anytime you pick up your phone and log on to Google to search for a service, check the first three items on the page from your search results. You’ll see that most times, they are ads. 

How does pay per click work? It’s simple! Unlike traditional advertising like newspaper, television and the likes, where you pay for people to view your ad, with pay per click advertising, you only pay when people click on your ad, not when they merely see it. It’s a situation whereby businesses and website owners purchase clicks through several search engines. According to statistics, many people spend a lot of time on search engines looking for one thing or the other. This is why search engine advertising is one of the most common forms of PPC marketing.  

Pay Per Click advertising is an amazing marketing platform. For instance, if an ad costs $3 per click, and a prospective client clicks on your website, you are looking to convert that click into considerably more than the cost. Again, if a viewer sees your ad through a search engine like Google or a social media page and clicks on it. When the click converts into a customer, the objective is that you will  gain more than that $3 acquisition cost from that particular action. It is more or less an investment. 

There are specific individuals that express doubt when it comes to spending money on advertisements. The logic of a successful business is straightforward. It is by having the right information at the right time. Whether you are making use of offline or online marketing, you have to spend money before you can make a profit. So, scrape out that mentality and get enlightened on the basics of PPC Marketing Campaign and its benefits in your business.

The two most famous search engine ad platforms include Google Ads and Bing Ads. If you have not been getting visitors to your website for a while or the traffic is just disappointing, you need the assistance of the best digital marketing in Kalamazoo. Even though your site is well-optimized, you may still be struggling because there are already top-rated businesses offering the same services you are offering. What you need is a leg up, a shortcut to the top and that’s exactly what we provide 

On this page, if you don’t stop reading right now, you’ll be among the lucky few that have discovered how to attract more prospects to their websites.

How Does it Work?

Many companies rush into PPC campaigns without adequate knowledge. When they don’t make the kind of profit they had in mind, they start complaining. Learning how it works goes a long way in providing you with a better opportunity of running a successful PPC campaign. 

Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign can be viewed from three perspectives. They include the Advertisers’, Publishers’ and the PPC network. 

Looking at it from the advertisers’ perspective, the advertisers are those individuals or businesses who intend to market their products and services online in order to get customers. They are the ones that need the advertisement of their companies to the public. What they do is that they pay PPC Networks such as Google Ads, Bing Ad or Facebook Ad to help them display their adverts on their network. 

Anytime a user clicks on the ads displayed, the advertiser will be charged a particular fee by the PPC Network. This is why it is referred to as Pay Per Click- you pay for every click on your ad. The price you’ll be paying for each depends strongly on your targeted keywords as well as the ad position you want. Cost per click varies from a few cents to a thousand dollars.

Looking at it from another perspective, the publishers work for the PPC networks to gain more profit from the adverts displayed. PPC networks make use of publishers to cover more grounds as regards reaching more people. Every publisher has a means of broadcasting ads either through their website, applications or videos. So when viewers click on the ad displayed, both the PPC Network and the publisher share the earnings.

Why You Need Pay Per Click Marketing in Your Business

I’m sure there are several questions on your mind. Such as “how does this PPC benefit my business” or why do you think it will benefit my business? 

Here is a list of the benefits of PPC marketing campaign to your business.

  • Quick Turnaround

With PPC marketing, you can get a faster result in a matter of days or even hours. Unlike the regular organic traffic which may take months before landing visitors. If you are searching for a marketing strategy that offers quick turnaround as regards traffic to your business, PPC marketing is the best option for you.

  • Affordable 

The charge fee for PPC marketing is usually reasonable because you get to pay for every click, and each click is a prospective sale. PPC enables your business to stay visible to researchers on the search page.

  • Target Audience

With PPC marketing, you can target a specific kind of audience, the age, location, keywords, language, and so on. This will help you get the exact type of audience for your business.

  • Progress

With this highly efficient marketing strategy, you can monitor the progress of your ads. You can ascertain which of the advertisements displayed is giving you more traffic/sales and which one is not.

  • Leads to Another Marketing Alternative

Two hundred people may visit your site, but only ten decided to make use of your services or purchase your products. The remaining 190 people who chose not to patronize can be reminded from time to time what they are missing.

How Can We Help?

Let’s say you’re a Therapist in Kalamazoo, and someone who needs to see one types on Google “Therapists in Kalamazoo”. If your Google PPC has been activated, your business will show up at the top of the search results page as a paid ad. The customer will click on your link and get directed to your website.

This may seem pretty straightforward, but it is an elegant process that requires the right expertise and experience to manage. Such that you can pay as low a price as possible for the best results. This is why you should hire us. We are unarguably the best Kalamazoo search engine marketing agency, and we are what you need to manage your Google PPC campaigns.

Our PAY-PER-CLICK Services guarantees:

  • Complete Transparency
  • Lowest Prices
  • Monthly Performance Reports 
  • Complete Campaign Optimization 
  • Full In-House Service – Zero Outsourcing
  • No Contracts
  • Custom Monthly Budget 
  • Google LSA
  • Custom Landing Pages 
  • Monthly Customer Support

Why We’re The Best Search Engine Marketing Agency In Kalamazoo That Can Help You Achieve Your Revenue Target Quickly.

We are a unique establishment that specializes in helping businesses market their services to the public with fast turnaround. We’ve been in the industry for a while, which indicates that we have the right expertise, tools and experience to handle your marketing issues. Our services include:


Our team of professionals make use of expert tools to look for the keywords that customers are most likely to search for. This is an extensive process that includes ranking keywords based on popularity and using Google tools to make a list of the keywords you need. Once the list is generated, we begin the bidding process to start getting impressions and clicks.


Our topmost priority is our customers’ satisfaction. We make sure you don’t waste your valuable money on impressions that don’t matter. This can happen when your ad matches to keywords that are not relevant to your business. We make sure all Negative match keywords are filtered out so that they don’t pop up and waste your time and money needlessly. 


Your PPC campaign cannot work without custom made landing pages designed to convert clients. We make sure that you have beautiful landing pages that portray your brand and services in the most eye-catching manner possible. This is why you need us: the top Kalamazoo’s digital marketing agency that can handle it all. 

Kindly Contact Us and let us help you increase the traffic to your site. Make the right choice today!

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