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Use Social Media to Convert Your Brand or Business into a Heavy Hitter!

In a world where social media activity is on the upsurge, with everyone and their pet having a social media account today, it’s no surprise that businesses have moved onto social media outlets as well, and there is more frequent talk of a recent tool called Social Media Optimization which has been on the steady rise. 

Social media optimization is the combination of social branding and your marketing efforts towards expanding your customer base, especially the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, etc. to increase online engagement, brand awareness, and brand visibility.  

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) already a hot topic, more attention is being given to Social Media Optimization (SMO) by brand and marketing experts in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve. As visitors from social media websites navigate their favorite sites and applications in search of news, social media marketing aims at grabbing attention by providing eye-catching and appealing content while providing promises of solutions by offering goods and services through the use of internal links and website integration. 

Social Media platforms are where brands are made and where businesses get a loyal follower base as more companies jump on the e-commerce bandwagon. Important as it is, most businesses simply cannot manage their social media presence in-house due to cost and skill limiting factors. 

Why Do You Need Social Media Optimization? 

  • In-Roads to Markets

In a world where companies, managers and brands see advertising as the holy grail of marketing, the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the last decade has ushered in a new era of vastly untapped potential to directly reach millions of users without the need for middlemen such as television and radio stations. This helps to save on cost while affording you the opportunity to take your message directly to millions of people.  

  • Massive Traffic Generation 

The uniqueness of social media platforms is the dual achievement of driving traffic by increasing the number of social media profile views and consequently leading to increased website traffic.

  • Promotion of  Customer Base Trust 

At the center of every business transaction lies the essential need for trust in relationships. Social media is an excellent avenue for achieving such objectives. The constant interaction provides occasions where the brand communicates news. It also creates avenues where customer complaints and feedback can be obtained. 

  • Brand Performance and Better Customer Relationship

The special development of brands to achieve positive recognition and create consistently good impressions on the minds of potential customers is at the forefront of social media optimization.  The quality of portraying your brand as a refined entity capable of correctly understanding and carrying on modern-day social interactions is essential in the boosting of brand optics. The promise of consumer base trust is heavily predicated upon the building of social profiles and the use of engagement to create strong connections with audiences across social media sites. 

The first area of social media brand optimization is the creation of profiles that adequately represent and embody the philosophy of the business. An act as apparently simple as the filling up of social media profile information must be done with objectives and goals that target brand cultivation and information dissemination in mind. 

  • Content Curation Across Popular Social Media Platforms

Various social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, etc. The peculiarities of each of these websites and applications require an expert to use for effective navigation to produce the best content-based results. 

  • Social Media and Website Integration 

The need to successfully combine social media operations and website information in order to enhance brand online visibility is an essential area of social media marketing. The general practice is the attachment of social media sharing buttons on the home website that leads to more interfacing with brand social media pages and accounts. 

How BlazingBronco Can Help You? 


Our team is trained and has the most experienced in the market in handling all kinds of social media platforms. We believe in expertise, and we hire only the best for the job. This way, we can ensure that our social media team is more than capable of running your campaigns to the ultimate advantage on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. This leaves you free to do what really matters: running your business!

At BlazingBronco, social media optimization is done by consistently monitoring and giving regular updates about products and services. Another staff is trained in the use of engagement strategies to promote community-level involvement. Our Kalamazoo website design teams skillfully use interlinks to provide seamless cross over to websites for the social media communities created. 

Furthermore, when you are  a neighborhood business looking for Kalamazoo area based customers, local SEO  is an instrument of general search engine optimization is used by expert hands to ensure that such a customer base is more platform diverse by creating a mix of users who discovered the clients’ website or business from both social media sites and search engines inquiries. 


If you’re not on social media, then you probably live under a rock! This is why at BlazingBronco, one of the top ranked Kalamazoo Social Media Marketing agencies, we are determined to provide  clients with the best social media marketing ever. Not only do we stay up to date with all the latest trends and fads, but we also leverage these to your maximum advantage. We give you the edge that you need over your competition in the Social Media world!

Kalamazoo social media marketing, like our other forms of targeted traffic driving tools such as search engine optimization, uses curated content and keywords in advertising campaigns that drive huge traffic to your website. The use of targeted ads further opens up the possibility of the conversion of cursory visitors to customers, thereby influencing sales and leads. Also, because we are one of the top ranked Local SEO  and Search Engine Marketing (SEO) Agency in Kalamazoo, you can be sure that we will consistently drive traffic to websites by the use of such targeted and practical measures. 

Since a brand’s website is essentially the index for general information related to the brand on the net, the combination of our website services such as  website design and search engine marketing to produce tasteful, illustrative and easy to navigate websites with our social media management skills is guaranteed to drive up traffic and engagement on both faces of online presence namely website and social media accounts. These cross-linking significantly increases the movement of users from one end to the other. The uniformity of information displayed and shared on both ends must also be done in such a way that the overall effect produces increased activity geared at both sites. Such a technique is the use of consistently branded URLs across all channels to increase brand recognition.

The development of strategies and use of special engagements activities across each of these websites alongside the consistent monitoring of these sites is a component common to social media marketing operations. The building of diverse networks and communities across these platforms is done seamlessly to produce quality results. By staying up to date with the latest trends and fads, we leverage these to give our clients an edge over competition across social media platforms. An example is used and following of hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or the pinning of tweets to the top of your Twitter page to increase visibility. Other powerful tools are calls-to-action (CTAs) to direct users to the next step towards strengthening their awareness of the product.


Social media marketing increases engagements such as likes, comments, replies, etc. on social media posts by the creation of thoughtful, exciting, and educational posts and updates while maintaining and displaying an expert understanding of social media issues, social conventions, and ethics. Tools specific to individual social media platform is used by experts at BlazingBronco to improve results. 

Strategies that may be implemented involves the use of giveaways to active users and educational contests to promote community-level involvement. The use of reviews generation and projection on social media web pages culminates in the creation of stronger customer bases. We ensure the use of such positive feedback strategies to ensure trust among customers and potential customers. These customer bases are levied upon to be used as feed for potential website visitors. 

The most common index for engagement measurement is seen in the number of followers.  As the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Kalamazoo, we’re renowned for their strong authenticity values in search engine traffic creation also ensures original follower bases that can be explored for conversion into a viable customer base.


Our social media marketing team are experts in their field. Armed with the data from our extensive research, we can predict and obtain detailed data about your customer and social media follower niches. With this data and continuously monitoring your progress on social media, we can obtain a lot of useful insights. We use these to make our strategy more efficient. We also share monthly progress reports with you, our clients. 

Small businesses are led to believe that social media marketing agencies are out of their budget because they use fancy tools and employ technical wizards. This is a myth, especially since we make sure that all our plans and campaigns are strictly within your budget. We do not believe in overcharging our clients. Our results speak for themselves. While it may seem like a lot of complex work, with the right people and the right mindset like ours, the task becomes fun.

The main reason we have affordable rates is that we care for our clients. Our Social Media marketing skills are formidable and not to be underestimated. We strive to obtain the biggest bang for the lowest buck! We want our clients to achieve their ultimate potential in the digital marketplace. This is why we focus all our attention on getting what our clients deserve – social media credibility!


As part of the services already offered by BlazingBronco such as SEO, search engine marketing and website design, an additional tool in these powerful arrays is the social media marketing which is a highly effective service tailored to bring about increased online engagement and connections between your brand and customers or potential customers. 

The tailoring of specific management strategies to suit clients’ needs is a fundamental aspect of market enlargement. 

Social media is no longer an option. It is a significant deciding factor in whether your business can flourish online or not. The smallest of mistakes can lead to drastic consequences for your website. This is why it is recommended to let the experts take care of all your social media needs! While it can get confusing because of the enormous number of platforms and the things you can do on them, you need not worry. We, at the best Social Media Marketing agency in Kalamazoo, can handle it all!

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