The Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing Battle

June 24, 2019


Over the years, the topic of discussion, not just among marketers, has been about the dominance of digital marketing and traditional marketing.

More so, It seems the digital age has already taken over with a huge surge in digital ads taking over print and TV ads.

But is this really true?

First, we’ll get to know the basics of what digital and traditional marketing entails. Then, I’ll give a few reasons why digital marketing is gaining more grounds in today’s marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a more recent strategy that mostly involves using the internet. More specifically, it involves using mediums like:

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Content marketing
  • SEO & SEM
  • PPC

Traditional Marketing

It is perhaps the oldest form of marketing, hence its name – Traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is very hard to ignore, and you must have come across it at a certain period.

To be clear, it entails print and electronic means of marketing.


They usually include:

  • Print media – magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Mass media – TV, radio, and so on.
  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Billboards and flyers

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing: The Verdict

In recent times, most businesses are now spending more on digital ads over traditional ads (TV, print…).

Here are a few reasons why.

Better Budget Management

The possibility to invest in digital ads with a low budget is the main reason it has seen a hike in its usage. Content marketing, for instance, costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods, plus it generates three times more leads.

On the flip side, traditional marketing is expensive and mostly affordable by only the top companies in a niche.

Also, traditional marketing charges the business a CPM that’s based on impressions of a random and limited audience. However, digital ads, like PPC, charges companies per click or conversion, which also targets a more targeted audience for less.

Engagement and Interaction

Traditional marketing is a one-way traffic strategy aimed at only advertising a product to potential customers. Unlike digital marketing, it can’t start an engaging conversation tht generates leads, which will most times, turn into sales.

It is mainly a tool for brand awareness.

For the most part, it redirects customers to the digital marketing pages of the business. For instance, displaying the website of your brand on a TV commercial.

On the other hand, a digital marketing ad can quickly turn a stranger to your product/service to an advocate in a short time. The comment and share section of your site or social media page creates engagement with your customers and allows them to share with their friends after a good service.

Good Measure Of Success


Digital marketing allows your businesses to run a data-driven content as a result of its use of technology and the internet in its strategies.

The same can’t be said with traditional marketing since its level of success can’t be measured.  It is difficult to get in depth data on the performance of TV ads, or print ads.

However, a digital ad campaign gives you access to critical metrics, like the number of people entering/leaving your site, how they found your ad and many more.

Basically, digital marketing takes away much intuition and makes your campaign data-driven with a better ROI.


In the end, digital marketing continues to grow exponentially and is expected to generate about 50% (250 billion) of global ad money in 2020.

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