Google Changes That Will Affect Your Business Presence Online

July 30, 2020

Your business presence on Google search engine plays a crucial role in helping prospective customers find out certain things they need to know about your company. Among the things they can find is how well a company attends to its customers. If the company offers satisfactory customer service, the prospective customers will know, and if otherwise too, they will also know. This often helps in making people make key decisions regarding whether or not to patronize a particular business. Google has or will be reviewing this policy and other policies and procedures which may significantly affect online business. You don’t have to worry anyway, Kalamazoo SEO can help you determine if these changes will affect you and how. But first, you also need to know the changes yourself, and it is why we have put them together for you. The changes are:

Review Gating

Review gating is when a company filters customers’ reviews about their business, products, or services. How does this work? For instance, a company can send emails to customers to ask their opinion regarding their products or services. They can tell from the replies if the customer’s view of their business is positive or negative. If it’s positive, they will ask the customer to leave a review on Google.
On the other hand, if a customer replies that their experience is negative via email, they will only be asked to send private emails without any option of public reviews. This means when people search about their products or services, they will only find positive reviews and probably no negative reviews. But the fact is, people may not trust your product or service if all they see are positive, they might suspect something has been tampered with in the review. You can’t satisfy everyone. So, having some negative reviews is not a bad thing; what we rather suggest you do is monitor and reply to the negative reviews. By doing so, your prospective customers will have confidence in you, and they’ll know you care about your customers. If you turn a blind eye to the latest review gate guideline that was implemented on April 12, 2018, Google may be compelled to remove your reviews. This will also work like business guidelines that offer incentives for reviews. If Google found out about this, all the company’s reviews will be removed. This is a new development. So, don’t engage in review gating.

Google Analytics Retention Data

Due to the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was implemented on May 25, 2018, Google has also made a change to its Google analytics retention data. Effective from that date, user and event data that are older than your selected retention period will be deleted. If on the other hand, no specific period was selected, it’ll be reset to the default of 26 months after which it’ll be deleted. This will have a significant impact on the way you run the Google analytics report. It is, therefore, vital that you check out these settings to know when the retention period of your data will expire so you can probably resave them.
These are some of the key Google Changes that will affect the presence of your business online. You should take note of them. You can click to learn more about us.

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