What is a Landing Page and Why You Need It

March 11, 2019

A landing page is an important marketing tool.

Here’s how.

If you run an online business or intend to start one, you need customers/subscribers to stay relevant.


Well, an important tool to drive customers to make sales is a landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

In online marketing, a landing page is a web page created to boost your marketing campaign.

It is where your visitors are lead to after clicking on your ads such as a Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

Once on the page, visitors find how you can help them and Call-To-Action to solve that problem.

Think of it as a web page that tells your potential customers to take action or use your services.

This makes a landing page very crucial to the success of your marketing campaign.

Here’s a good one.

But, you shouldn’t confuse it with a homepage.

The Difference between a Landing Page and a Home Page

Yes. Both of them are web pages for your online business but they are actually different.

Here are 4 was a landing page is different:.

  •         Purpose: It is created for visitors who click on your ads. The homepage is an overview of your company for organic visitors. – General visitors
  •         Links: It has just one or a few links that lead visitors to take action. Unlike a homepage which can have more than a dozen links like; contact us, about us, and so on.
  •         Content: It explains only the offer or product you are promoting. But a homepage would contain your whole inventory or services you offer.
  •         Call-to-Action: It is action-oriented, and tries to make your visitors follow the call-to-action (CTA). However, a homepage is more like a resource and less pushy.

Why You Need A Landing Page

Now you know what a landing page is and how it is different from a homepage. But you might wonder how it is crucial for your online marketing. Here are a few reasons why a landing page is great for your ad business:

#1 Increases Conversion Rate

It can help you get more visitors that follow your ad link to take the call-to-action. A study by Omniture says it can increase your conversion rate by up to 25% if you use it in your ad campaign. This is because a landing page is focused and targeted towards the visitors that click your ad.

#2 Niche Specific Content

It makes your ad campaign focused on one niche. The visitors are more likely to take action because the content resonates with their needs.

#3 Better Ad Management

With only one CTA on a landing page, data analytics becomes easy. With a landing page, you know the specific reason the visitor takes action. So, if visitors are not converting, you can fine-tune the landing pages to increase conversion rate.

This makes management easy since you can determine exactly where your conversion is coming from.

Need Help Creating A Landing Page?

As seen above, a landing page is crucial to the success of your ad campaign. If you aren’t using it yet, you definitely should do so. Try tweaking your landing page if it’s not converting.

Contact us here if you need help building a high-converting landing page.