5 Common Practices That Will Boost Your Google Ranking

June 17, 2019

how to boost your google ranking

The main goal of every website owner is always how to a high Google ranking – first page.

However, getting to the top of Google rankings is not a walk in the park, but at the same time isn’t impossible. It mostly involves simple SEO practices and techniques that most local businesses fail to use on their websites.

Not to worry, in this article I”ll walk you through five (5) simple techniques and practices that will get your site to the first page in due time.

#1 Extensive Keyword Research

If you want to get a high Google ranking, keyword research is a necessity.

Keyword research involves looking for the most profitable phrases in your niche that you are capable of ranking for without much competition. Also, some keywords used can be very costly, especially those that are ranked for by authority websites in your niche.

However, you will still get good results targeting e competitive keywords, and it is actually the best move for a small business.

There are several free keyword research tools you can use to find tons of profitable keywords.

#2 Clean Website Interface

a good website gives a better chance in Google ranking

 It is going to be hard for a website with a poor interface to scale to the top of Google rankings.

In simple terms, Google will always rank a site that pays close attention to UX (User Experience) better that has a crappy user interface.

A good part of improving your UX involves good page speed, .optimum images and links, well-written headlines, attractive CTSAs and more.

User experience is very important

Make sure you place your keywords naturally into your website content to aid readability and avoid Google penalties.

#3 Backlinking Is Vital For Improved Google Ranking

The key to using the right backlinks is doing this slowly. Many website owners expect to get to Google top ranking overnight, which is actually ridiculous.

If you want to go a bit faster, you might consider buying backlinks. But this isn’t totally advisable since it’s a strategy Google downplays.

The best route is to consistently dish out quality content or follow these tips by Ahref.

Also, make sure to get links for different anchor texts. Your anchors should contain the URL and domain name of your website. Your anchor should also include generic terms to get a high Google ranking. Pay attention to synonyms too when selecting links (words like ‘buy’ and ‘get’ are easily interchangeable).

#4 On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a vital part of SEO that will help your site scale to the top of Google rankings.

It basically involves making changes on your website to allow Google and your readers know what you have to offer.

Regardless, it is important you pay attention to giving the best user experience than optimizing for machines (Google).

For the most part, On page optimization involves using your keywords naturally in your content and webpages. So, optimize your Titles, Meta descriptions, Heading tags & Content, URLs, and Images Titles & Alt Text. Make sure to add in relevant inbound and outbound links.

Consistency is Key

A first page Google ranking you’re your site won’t appear overnight. Sometimes, it takes several weeks or months to see reasonable results.

In simple terms, you have to consistently follow the right practices above for you to start seeing results.

Also, you should never stop comparing your progress with your top competitors. This is how to stay ahead of the pack. Not to forget that you should try sticking to organic traffic alone, especially if you run a one-person business.

In the end, as long as you have quality content, a well-optimized site with a good backlinking campaign, then you are on the right path to top Google ranking.

Need Help Getting To The Top?

If you follow these tips carefully, you most definitely will start seeing your Google rankings rise over time (all things equal). However, you would also notice this a daunting task, especially for a large business.

Not to worry, we can help you figure out what you are doing wrong here, or contact us to to channel your personal expectations.