SSL: Switching to HTTPS Can Boost Your SEO Rankings

February 18, 2019

HTTPS is important for websites

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the standing security technology for

setting up an encrypted link between a local browser and a web server. What it

essentially does is maintain the privacy and integrity of the data passed

between web servers and browsers. Its job can be divided into two:

  •         Ensuring direct server connection by the user,
  •         To prevent breach of information between the user and server by a third party.

That said, a site with a SSL certificate will have a https before its domain name (URL).

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS Secured Website

HTTPS is the acronym for ‘Hypertext Transport Protocol Security’. HTTPS sites are more secured than HTTP sites by using an extra encryption layer to protect your traffic.

It secures information better in 3 ways:

  • Encryption: makes sure the user’s

information is out of reach of hackers

  • Data Integrity: maintain the

integrity of the data being transferred 

  • Authentication: establish trust and

protects users’ activities

Essentially, HTTPS affects sites SEO rankings and user trust.

How Does HTTPS Influence SEO?

Website security is another easily overlooked factor that influences rankings, traffic and ultimately, conversions. Since 2014, HTTPS

websites have been favored by Google ranking algorithms. The effects as at that time were minor.

But, in 2015, Google declared that web security would serve as the tie breaker for two different search results with equal signal quality in every other aspect. This became a game changer, especially in the global market today where only less than 1% of all websites are HTTPS.

Statistics on link between HTTPS and SEO rankings

Google being the number one search-engine in the world has

implored web managers to switch to secure sites. They have achieved this by giving a constantly increasing ranking boost to websites that have taken the extra step to be secure. As a matter fact, 40% of websites on Google’s organic page one ranking are HTTPS.

Generally, users trust websites with HTTPS more. This has to do with the secure sign at the left corner of the URL, and the feeling of

authority and trust it impacts users with. In this age of online purchase and delivery, insecure connections can be a red light for potential customers.

Making a customer feel safe about a transaction online is the easiest way to beat the market and get your website the attention it deserves.

Chrome has now been equipped to alert users about the security of any website.  The left corner of the URL bars of chrome now gives signals to differentiate HTTP sites from those with HTTPS. This can go a long way in influencing traffic on your site, especially an e-commerce site where security is just everything.

Getting your Website Secured

Let’s be frank, the effect of this realization is not overwhelming; but it will be in a short time. Google will not hinder your

website from getting the ranking it deserves. However, this doesn’t remove the seriousness of the matter. The future of search engine optimization is tending towards a secured web, it’ll be wise to be proactive and get your website

secured today. 

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